In November of 2018, my wife and I were on holiday, in the city of Toulouse. We had read about the beauty of this pedestrian-friendly city and the warmth of the people. We spent a week in the pink town enjoying delicious food and incredible hospitality.


I saw beauty in Toulouse almost everywhere. From the terra-cotta architecture to the modern streetscapes. Toulouse really feels like a village even though it is a large and modern city. It was quite easy for both of us to walk almost anywhere we wanted to explore, and we came across beautiful Spanish and Japanese architecture along our walks as well.


One of the most beautiful sites I wanted to capture was at the end of rue Alsace Lorraine. Here it is alias an old carousel draped in curtains of lights that echo down the street and shine off of the windows of the buildings. After a little rain earlier in the day, the lighting of the roads was perfect for capturing the reflection of the lights. From the light curtains overhead on the street to the reflections from the carousel, there was definitely a romantic mood to this square.
Located just three blocks from this carousel is another one named for US Pres. Thomas Wilson. It has been in this location since 2007. This is a beautiful attraction and I would highly recommend visiting either of these attractions especially if you have children.

Some other incredible sites that I would recommend during your visit to the fourth-largest city in France would be to City Hall. Toulouse is called the pink city for its pale-colored bricks, and the City Hall area looks eerily similar to Buckingham Palace in London with a slightly pink aesthetic.
In a city that’s over 2000 years old, we loved the architecture and the cultural influences that made their way into this region. I would highly recommend visiting this city as the people, food, and sites are quite inspiring.

We stayed at the Hotel De France. Below is a picture of the room we stayed in.
“Hotel de France” was once named “Hotel des Americains”, This hotel has a long and interesting history and is still owned by the same family.

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