The Lure of Hotel Casa Anamaria


Some places just have a charm, a mystique and allure about it. To experience these hidden treasures you have to leave the popular travelled roads. Hotel Casa Anamaria is one of these places and so worth the adventure. For those looking for a sophisticated getaway to unplug and recharge, Casa Anamaria deserves a visit. Located in the province of Girona in northern Catalonia, close to the French border. Below are some hotel photographs which reveal the beauty of the hotel and the region.

Casa Anamaria is a short journey from Costa Brava. The King of Aragon and Catalonia, Peter IV the ceremonious called the Villa Maria on the property his home.

About 15 mins from @hotel-casa-anamaria is the amazingly wonderful and charming restaurant La Barretina in Orfes. At La Barrentina you will find superbly crafted northern Catalan Cuisine. La Barretina in location in the backdrop of a tiny and peaceful rural town. At La Barretina you will always be greeted with a smile by the chef and owner Albert.

All photos taken by Barry Harley Marriott approved Hotel and Resort Photographer

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