5 tips for authentic commercial portraits

Are you photographing your people well?

Whether you are creative a brochure, website or annual report—it is your company’s personality that differentiates you. If prospective clients are looking at businesses and organizations like yours, the more personal you can be—the better.

A great way to do this—is to include welcoming professional photographs in your marketing materials.


At EYCH2, when we take portraits for you company, we get a flavor of your company’s personality, and also of the individuals we are photographing. This results in photos that are honest, well-done, and draw positive attention.

Here are 5 tips for authentic commercial portraits:

Soft shadows. Good lighting has a more positive impact than even the fanciest camera can offer. The softer the shadows, the better the photograph. If a photo is cinematic or painterly, it’s more naturally pleasing to the eye.

Straight portraits. In straight portraits, use a plain, solid-colored background with contrasting clothing. The same colors won’t work for every person, so consideration of every individual is essential.

Sincere smiles. Ensure they’re warm and genuine, not posed and fake.

Environmental portraits. Consider how much detail you want the background to have. You want to give the feel of what’s going on without taking away from subject. We suggest blurring the background a little to keep viewers’ attention on the subject.

Use an authentic environment. For photos of groups or teams working together, keep the background as authentic as possible. It can be fun to have a theme, like this Greek Thesis Photo we took, but it needs to feel natural. Keep your company’s personality in mind when considering the photographic environment.

See the difference photos can make: PARINTS Clinic had never used photographs in their materials before. When we redesigned their website and brochure, we asked White-Klump Photography to take authentic photos to highlight their staff and clients. Today, they tell us how many compliments they get about how engaging their site is.

Need photos to personalize your image? We’d love to help.

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